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With more than a decade of WordPress, coding and website building experience, we see code as a thing of beauty, as the words create visual life for clients & customers alike. At Holt DevOps, we love coding & if you would like to partner with us, please contact us, with any sort of project you have lined up!


Themes, Optimisation, Hosting, we specialise in all things WordPress!

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WordPress Hosting

Choices aplenty, let us lend a hand, with invaluable assistance!

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WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes can be moulded or used from the box, or you can dream up something unique!

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WordPress Development

A UK-Based Full-Stack Dev agency with 10+ years of experience!

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Yoast SEO

An optimisation necessity, fantastic for enabling effective SEO monitoring!

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WordPress & Plugin Extensions

There are thousands of WordPress Plugins which are FREE and widely used across all WordPress platforms. WooCommerce in our opinion is the only eCommerce plugin that should be installed for building an online shop. Using the latest contact form 7 is perfect and easy to use to enable customers to contact you straight from your website. Yoast SEO monitors and explains the search engine optimisation aspect, allowing you to control and monitor your own SEO on new content, making it near essential for your growth/expansion in the future - and climbing the ranks of Google!


01. Connect

We connect; we discuss plans, goals and we learn more of your business to understand your needs.

02. Analyse

We Analyse; we internally work out a concept, and plan - and draw up the best options for ROI.

03. Propose

We propose; we lay out a timeline, clearly, and in line with stats and goals.

04. Work

We Work; Design & Develop, in order to build and evolve your business online.

Our Experience with Plugins

Here at Holt DevOps, over the years we have developed a wide range of custom WordPress Plugins for clients around the world, from simple booking forms to bespoke, interactive pages for the education sector. We love how versatile WordPress is so let us be part of your WordPress Plugin Development, and it's that love for it that makes us a brilliant partner for you and your business. You need a website, and we love to make them! You need a helping hand with WordPress Plugins, and we love to work with them! So get in touch, and let's see what we can do for you!

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