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We are a Manchester based Full-Stack Digital agency, with 10+ years of coding experience – building awesome websites, from beautiful code creating visual life for clients & customers alike. We love coding here at Holt DevOps, so if you’d like to try or test us, please get in touch with any work you have lined up.


All about that code, from hosting, to themes, to optimisation, we're experts!

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WordPress Development

With 10+ years of experience in Full-Stack Development - we know what we're doing!

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WordPress Plugins

A variety of bolt-ons for your site - to grow your online presence.

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WordPress Themes

From store-bought, ready-to-eat themes to bespoke & custom themes like our own, Holt Pro.

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Yoast SEO

Fantastic add-on that enables effective and easy Search Engine Optimisation for your site!

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01. Basic (from £4.99/mo)

Depending on Traffic, this works for your standard Blogs, and Small eCommerce stores too! Can be free/shared depending on Traffic too.

02. 100 Products (from £19.99/mo)

Shared Hosting/WooCommerce, for when you're starting to reach 100 products, and seeing consistent or considerable Traffic.

03. 500 Products (from £99.99/mo)

VPS Basic WooCommerce, for when you've got up to 500 Products, and the traffic to boot, you'll need more storage, and the ability to keep up with the stress Traffic will involve.

04. 500+ Products (POA)

VPS XL WooCommerce/Dedicated Servers for over 500+ Products, and you're seeing significant Traffic, you end up needing your own servers to handle the stress - can be configured for your needs.

Hosting made Simple

If you are looking for the best Hosting for your WordPress site, or information about which is the right kind of Hosting for your website then please get in touch! We are Experts in all things WordPress and this includes Hosting options & Partners - We work with you to ensure that you get exactly what you need when you need it!

Get up & running online, with the best in WordPress Hosting!

Web hosting is one of any successful website’s key components, but it is often overlooked. For SEO & traffic, choosing the best hosting for your needs is paramount, and there is a variety of options too, as detailed above. WordPress is very lightweight, despite its versatility & size, hence why more than 30% of the Web is using it! Due to it’s popularity, all the top hosting companies offer easy 1-click installation options for WordPress. Free Hosting always comes with a catch like banner ads, or footer links they require, and often they are unreliable. Your best bet is to avoid Free hosts at all costs. Shared Hosting, however, is by far the most popular for starting out. It is the most affordable, and it’s the easiest when you’re in the early stages. The biggest catch is that it’s only good for as long as you’re not generating too much traffic – once you start taking up a substantial proportion of the server load, you will most likely have to upgrade your package, but it just comes back to logic – as your business grows, so will your costs. We here at Holt DevOps know everything we need to know about WordPress Hosting, so let us help!


We take pride in every design and every line of code that we produce.

If you’re looking to boost your digital agency team, with a white label service or even explore a new agency for your website, our offered services can suit your needs.

White Label for Brands or Digital Agencies:
Extra Workload? We’ll fulfill your digital marketing services under your brand Credited by Nike, Autotrader, Kelloggs & leading digital agencies around the world.

Assistance with sites both new and existing:
We help grow businesses’ online presence, through re-coding, or by building something new – you won’t find sales teams here, only people with passion!

Please get in touch through our quick contact form and we’ll get back to you in order to discuss the options.




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