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At Holt DevOps we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction & client success – and with over 10 years in the industry, clearly, we do well! We want total happiness with the work we do, and we’re a little bit perfectionist, so our work is always up to scratch. With our services being sought by leading brands & agencies worldwide, we’ve shown that we’re not only good at what we do – but we love it too. Our website packages template what we do and what you might need – but we’re flexible & happy to work with you to ensure you get exactly what you want and are happy with your Website! We can and will build on whatever design takes your fancy – our in-house designer can assist with any shaping of the plans you need, or even draw up your designs for the developers to work with! If you can dream it up we can take on the project and you’re sure to come out of any partnership with Holt DevOps with an EPIC Website!

Starter Website Package

Landing Page Responsive Website Your intro responsive website will work on smartphones, tablets and PCs to ensure your customers can find what they need no matter what device they use. Our 2-page responsive websites typically feature an impressive Home page to show off your products or services, and a Contact page so customers can get in touch with you.

Premium Website Package

Wordpress Responsive Website Your 6 page premium responsive website works on smartphones, tablets and PCs, and has enough pages to showcase your products, services and other information. Our web designers will work with you to use your pages effectively to ensure your new responsive website appeals to your target audience.

Bespoke Website Package

Responsive Magento Website Your bespoke, responsive 10 page site will enable you to showcase services, and more. Our Graphic Design team will create a unique, bespoke website to meet your exact business and user needs.

Holt DevOps

As with all our packages, you can add pages, decals, designs, content and anything else you need as we are completely flexible!

Why Choose Holt DevOps

We here at Holt DevOps don’t just make websites, we put our hearts into them. We love what we do, and we work hard on your project, so you’ll love it to. This is more than just a job, more than a business, it’s true passion. We feel as passionate about building epic websites the same way you feel passionate about your business. And we pour our passion into your project, and build the best website we can for our clients, every time! When you succeed, we succeed, and the shared passion we have will be sure to blossom into an AWESOME site, and you’ll see that we mean every word – we’re more than just a WordPress Agency, we’re loving every second. So don’t waste another moment, get in touch, and let us help you, and build a fantastic website package that you’ll be proud to have your name on!


We're all about building new Friendships at Holt DevOps

If you run a digital agency and need a boost to your team under white-label, or want to explore a new Development Agency to work with on your website we offer services to suit your needs!

White Label Digital Agency or Brand:
Extra Workload? We’ll fulfill your digital marketing services under your brand Credited by leading brands like Nike, Autotrader & Kelloggs as well as Agencies worldwide!

Help with a new or existing website:
We don’t run a sales team, we’re just passionate people, here to help businesses grow online, whether building something new or recoding something existing, we don’t mind!

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