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Google Adwords Help

Google Adwords Help

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At Holt DevOps, we’re well-versed in Paid Ads of all types – from Google Ads to Social Media too! What you need to start out with, is learn the lingo:

Keywords: These are what you optimise your webpages for, and what your ad is triggered on – people who search for the keywords you’ve set up will see your ad. You should pick a few keywords that you think people who are interested in what you’re offering would enter into the search bar (like targeting t-shirts, if you sell clothing), but don’t worry, google helps to determine them.

Bid: This is your upper limit for what you’re willing to pay when your ad is clicked since Google Ads are PPC (Pay per Click).

Quality Score: The QS determines how relevant your ad & keywords are; to each other, and to the webpage (landing page) you have linked to said ads. A high score *could* lower your bid cost, and improve your ad rank.

Ad Rank: By taking into account your Quality Score, your bid, and various other factors (like your keywords, and competitor ads), Google will determine where in the pecking order your ad lies, in relation to other ads for the same searches/keywords.

CPC (cost-per-click): Your CPC is the actual cost every time your ad is clicked on – to call your business or visit your webpage, from google, whatever you have set up. The bid you selected above is not necessarily what you will pay each time, it just sets the range in which your CPC can vary.

Conversion: A conversion is NOT someone clicking your ad. A conversion is a sale afterward, or subscribing to your email chain, or a sign-up, or calling/contacting you. The conversion describes the action you designate as the goal, from someone clicking on your ad.

Holt DevOps & Google Adwords

You can modify your ads virtually endlessly – from broad/narrow matches to keywords (sees your ad pop up more/less for related searches but not identical, you can modify landing pages to suit, (like having “web development” only going to a web development page when clicked, rather than design.) You can write your own ads, meaning the words are your own, and therefore may give you the chance to inject some of your personal brands into the Ad, and you can set your budget to determine where and when and how often you show up – big budget means big potential, but also a big risk. We’re here to give you Google Adwords Help, and we’re happy to. Get in touch below and we’ll get back to you very soon.


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