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Drone Videographer

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At Holt DevOps we are not just epic coders, we are Aerial drone videographers and photographers. We have helped some of the biggest brands capture epic footage working within the Social/Digital Media, Photography & Film sectors. As a qualified UAV drone Pilot our professional drone footage for Schools, Sporting, and music events from Snowboarding to Sailing.

What is a Drone Videographer?

Drone Videography and Photography is the art of using drones with high-res cameras to take still & motion picture with the purpose of obtaining imagery from a wide variety of angles in order to get the best possible media. Some of the coolest footage in the world is shot by drones and UAVs - breathtaking waterfalls, and epic stunts on Snowboards etc. all taped from high and wide angles for MAXIMUM effect. Having Drone Videography in your media can be invaluable to showcase your content - drawing eyes and followers in to view!


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