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01. Plan

Planning is key

We plan our process from start to finish with strict timelines and milestones. We expect delays, changes and issues so we add this buffer to our completion date.

02. Code

We love code

With a wide range of coding skills from PHP to node.js we adapt our process to suit your companies need. Beautifully crafted code that performs to high standards then merged with GIT.

03. Build


The goal in the build process is to group all the segments of code into an infrastructure, compiling, testing then deploying. All code is checked and verified to ensure a smooth build.

04. Test

Finding bugs

We aim to reduce the risk of bugs finding their way into a live environment, which could cause serious issues or data breaches. We implement the best testing tools in the workflow to insure the quality of the code.

05. Release

Countdown in 5, 4, 3...

We release the code… it’s a nervous but exciting experience no matter how many times we go live with our builds.

06. Deploy

Continuous deployment

Our operational team deploy the new site or new features into production. Depending on the client we can offer a continuous deployment.

07. Operate

Configure Infrastructure

The Ops build or the scalable infrastructure is checked for security issues or bugs within the code and logs each process.

08. Monitor

Better User Experience

We continue to monitor code for issues, speed and potential attacks. This allows us to ensure a smooth experience for your end users.

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