Create admin account via command line

Create admin account via command line Another way to a create admin account / user, we can create a new admin user via command line (cli). Here is how to

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Base Url Change Magento 2

We come across this from time to time and it’s a common issue when a client changes their domain name due to a rebrand or upgrade from to .com

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In Magento, How to redirect all non www pages to www pages

In Magento this is how to redirect all non www pages to www pages using the .htaccess with an FTP client like FileZilla. Open up .htaccess to edit the file

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We’re Hiring! Join Holt DevOps.

Holt DevOps is on the lookout for a group of hard working people with a keen drive to enter the Digital World as part of our new Kickstart scheme –

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How to export Products in Magento 2

If you have not got used to the new M2 database of yet, why not Export Products in an CSV files then take a look at the new Magento 2

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