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If you’re going to build a website, there’s a few things you need to know: what you can spend, what platform you want to use, what kind of build you’re after, and whether it’s D-I-Y or you want to hire somebody to do it for you. Once you’ve answered these questions, and come up with a plan and a project, now it’s time to check out your options:

Option 1: Use a Website Builder.
If you’re going to to Do-It-Yourself, and you’re not versed in code, or web development, this is your best option. This can also be a feasible option if you’re not after bells & whistles, and you don’t have much of a budget. Choosing the right builder (Wix, Shopify, GoDaddy etc.) can be important, but what your priority will likely be with this, is getting started & going live as fast as possible. A Website Builder is the option to go for when all you need is a nice and easy website with very little in the way of customisation & development, you just need to get out there for now. Some Builders also offer a free hosting, or free domain name for x amount of time, as an incentive, which can be useful to lock down a domain name, without diving into a development project. For more information there, check out our post on Website Builders HERE.

Option 2: Using a Design & Development team.
If you’re after a bespoke, completely custom look to set you apart from competitors, to optimise your presence & boost your google rankings, this is the way to go. It can get pricey, but this is usually the best way to go about it, as it is more like an investment in your Brand, than an expense. A great website can boost traffic, increase conversions and MAXIMISE your sales potential. This is where eCommerce agencies like ourselves come in, as we offer everything you need to boost yourself, and kickstart your growth online, whether it’s website-based, or marketing assistance.

Option 3: Templating with Customisation.
If you need to get up and running, and choose a website builder, but you still want a custom look and feel then this third, budget option to combine the other two is a solid choice; you get the lower cost, quicker go-live time of using a builder, with some of the bespoke development of using an agency like ourselves. Some agencies like us are versed in using Wix, Shopify & AeroCommerce platforms, and the coding behind them to allow a cheaper way for you to get the chance to see what we can do – with the potential to grow further in a partnership and eventually build your own extra-special website.

So as you can see, there are a multitude of options, when you build a website, and it CAN be a very daunting task – so if you could use a helping hand from a veteran agency like us, get in touch HERE and we’ll help you out as much as we can.

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