Best eCommerce Platform 2021

Best eCommerce Platform 2021

Magento vs Shopify vs WordPress

Each platform has its own strengths and over the past 10 years, you can advise on which is best suited for each client depending on their need and scalability.

Shopify Platform

Shopify is great for new eCommerce businesses looking to take a leap into online trading, it offers a flexible, easy-to-use system to get you up and running. However, when you start to scale at a rapid pace this comes at a cost.
The more traffic, transaction, and customisation you require, the more money you will need to spend. – Also you are stuck with Shopify unless you have a new website built. To modify Shopify you need to know Liquid code, with the others the customisation is visual so easier to manage.

WordPress WooCommerce

WordPress is hands down the best open-source platform for scalability with a small number of products. Like lego, you modify WordPress to suit and the infrastructure is solid. Perfect for driving traffic building custom Plugins like kit builders, backend product management but is limited to a max of 1000 products.

Magento Commerce

Magento, I have been working with this platform for over 10 years and its grown from strength to strength, fighting off all competition. Since adobe took over it has limited its core modification and for a good reason. Seamless, easy updates, and with the new elastic search the front end of Magento is lighting fast.
The backend of Magento works perfectly at any capacity, can be modified to suit order processing has the power to hold unlimited products.
The foundations of the platform offer scalability like no other without any restrictions, the only thing you need to update is the server speed depending on traffic as you grow. But if you are getting more visits hopefully more transactions.
Magento is yours to keep forever, pack it up and more it around, no custom code, no tie-ins to an agency free to expand as you please.

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