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Web Development Agency

eCommerce Specialist in WordPress, Shopify & Magento Design and Development.


We are a white label Web Development Agency specialising in eCommerce using Wordpress, Shopify and Magento.
Holt DevOps / WebOps can help your organization accelerate application delivery on any fully bespoke website platform.
DevOps helps you save time with automation and standardisation, faster deployment plus Speed innovation.
We aim to shorten the systems development life cycle with Continuous integration and provide continuous delivery with high quality.

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Are you a Digital Agency or Brand?

Extra Workload? We'll fulfil your digital marketing services under your brand Credited by Nike, Autotrader, Kelloggs & leading digital agencies around the world.

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Need an Awesome Website?

We help businesses grow online, re-code existing or build something brand new. No sales team here, only passionate people.

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We are eCommerce Specialists

Trusted by Leading Brands, Agencies and Start-ups.

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mobile first coding

We work with some of the biggest & best digital agencies to leading brands from around the world, supporting the workflow on various digital campaigns.

Our clients range from a single to a multi-site website on various platforms to white label code for other digital agencies with tight deadlines or needing expertise in the project build

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A worldwide Web Development Agency, we are Holt DevOps.

With over 15 years of building websites, Epic Apps and stand-lone software for our clients we know a thing or two about writing code.

We are not just another coding agency, we design and build websites using the latest technologies and best practices to ensure your site is fast, secure and compliant with the perfect SEO foundations to grow your website online, organically.

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Over 15 years experience in web design & web development
plus SEO & Marketing

Perfectly written code within the Matrix
NEO would approve our work

84 million lines of code written!
thousands more while you read this.

We are different and this makes us awesome
we don't pigeonhole ourselves

Get ahead on web trends & expert advice

Holt DevOps news is packed full of Wordpress, Shopify tips / tricks and workplace gossip from who eats all the rich tea's to who is the fastest coder.

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We’re Hardcore Experts in Cutting-edge Design & Development Technologies - Worldwide accreditation from leading digital platform providers

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